Welcome to Korpikorsu to feel the unforgettable hunting trip. The hunting area Korpikorsu for is around 8000 ha. Here you can load your guns right outside the door. The areas for hunting are surrounding us, which garantees many kinds of possibilities for all kinds of hunters. The hunts contains guides, dogs, lunch in the forest and of course so many great hunting experiences . The hunting day will find it’s perfection with the evening in Korsu. The game dinner and the partisan- or steam sauna will garantee hunting experience you never want to forget.

Bird hunting in the wilderness of Kainuu

There is several wonderful black grouse swamps in our hunting area, idealistic grounds to hike and lots of different catching methods.

- hunters has their own guns
- other accessories as needed

- validity hunting card
- validity gun permit

An example program:



Day 1

Arriving to Korpikorsu in the evening, where the Major and the Seargant of the Korsu wishes you all the most welcome with the toasts.

  • Presentation of the Korsu and choosing the rooms
  • Checking the rifles ( if necessary)
  • Before the darkness arrives we’ll go and set the pictures of blac grouses to the swamp near by to be ready for the morning
  • Passing hunting permits and maps and learning about the area
  • The partisan sauna, and afterwards light soup, which garantees as a good night sleep in Korsu-rooms

Day 2

Waking up and breakfast. Some of men/women gets to the black grouse swamp. Some of the group may leave with a guide to test how does it feel to sneak into wood grouse’s ”songs”.The place for displays situates only about 1 km from Korsu. The rest of hunters will get to the forest with a dog. In the forenoon we’ll all gather to the tar- fire for some snack. In the afternoon hunting. Smoke sauna 16.00-17.00 o’clock.

A Game dinner:

  • Marski’s rolled moose with mushroom stew, steamed in steam sauna and cranberry jelly.
  • Organic potatoes
  • Steamed turnipses and carrots
  • Korsu’s salad
  • Cold smoked trout
  • Rye bread

Spending lovely time in the great athmosphere in Korsu and then happy dreams.

Day 3

Waking up, breakfast, and then hunting! Like the day before enjoying hunting feelings and lovely tar fire. Before dinner, steam sauna


  • Moose fry with blackcurrant jelly and smashed potatoes made from organic potatoes

Sharing together experiences of the day, planning the next day, and then good night.

Day 4

Wake up and have some breakfast. Hunting at the forenoon, then summary together about this journey. At the same time we’ll enjoy goodbye- coffees vith smoked moose meat sandwiches.

If the group has persons along who doesn’t hunt, they can for example get to the swamp, or go with the group with a dog, or alternatively fish with spinning rod from Korsupond. We guarantee nobody gets bored.
This packet contains all mentioned before, and permits and maps to the area, guide to the swamp, 2pcs twig birds, barking dogs, and men with the dogs.

Metsällä Aaken kanssa!

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