Korpikorsu is a game travelling company that locates in far far away from all the fuss. In the midde of untouched nature, based on reservations. In Korpikorsu you can really enjoy silence and feel the various nature in all seasons.

Korpikorsu is a place for experiences built into the wilderness of Kainuu. It offers to it’s customers full upkeeping with gamefood, smoke sauna, and programs.

The Main building of Korpikorsu

In the main building of Korpikorsu is three rooms for accomodation for twenty people. In the main building we have modern showers and toilets. All the meals we serve ou guests, we cook ourselve.We also serve some our exotic meals which we have designed , cooked with camp-fire.


We have a top qualitysmoke sauna! 2000 kilos of stone in a stove garantees pleasant warm also for the bigger group – and even the next day .. Beside the steam sauna is room with a fireplace, which is possible to use for meetings with a smaller group.!

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There is an atmospheric lean-to for about 10 person, beside the Pirneslampi. There you can enjoy salmon-fish catched by yourself, cook for example hare in a skewer, or just relax with sunset. Fishing salmon-fishes from the pond beside us is allowed only for our guests.


On summertimes you can hike in the forest paths, pick berries, mushrooms or perhaps you like trolling or fishing from clean waters. Surrounding Korpikorsu you can hunt small animals and even moose - as your personal wishes are. There where Korpikorsu locates , the seasonal changes are very clear. A summer is a Finnish summer with all it’s beauties. and winter is a real cold winter.

In the wintertime Korpikorsu and it’s surrounding area offers possibilities for several wintersports. You can enjoy silent nature skiing alone,visit slalom slopes near Korpikorsu, or perhaps you prefer like winter fishing.usta.

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Contact info

Erämatkailu Korpikorsu Ky

Korsutie 10

74390 Laakajärvi

Phone 0500 571 044

Jarkko Kotilainen

jarkko (at) korpikorsu.fi