Korpikorsu is a place for experiences built into the wilderness of Kainuu, that offers to it’s customers full upkeeping with gamefood, smoke sauna, and programs.


What kind of activities is it possible to arrange at Korpikorsu?

  • different kinds of meetings, with business and pleasure, team working
  • different partys
  • evening with sauna
  • refreshing trips for companies, and unions
  • hunting trips ( korpikorsu takes care of all permissions)
  • Safaries by snow mobiles ( for example from Vuokatti 48km or from Tahkovuori 120km)

Other activities

  • Canoe trips in wilderness lake
  • Dragging the vendice seine
  • Lots of fun with different games and races to all kinds of people
  • Paintball by Korpikorsu
  • snowshoe safari


Sarge's moving steams

Almost all of us has been bathing in some kind of sauna. But who has been in a moving sauna? We have built a sauna which is moving along the road on the top of an old military-lorry ZiL! Sauna is decorated with alder, and from outside with hay pikes. All this creates an exciting and fascinating feelings during the journey.


This sauna has a big stove, that takes care that steam is enough while driving. Meanwhile steam comforts your skin, you can enjoy the views changing all the time. This is how you can find Sarge’s sauna’s exciting athmosphere!

Sarge’s moving steams leaves from Korsu driving alongside the river Salminen. At the turning point we'll take some more steam and then swim in the natural river, or rolling in the snow, afterwards we'll enjoy tasty Major’s sauna sausages.

Olipas komia ilma porukan pysähtyy Liikkuvista Löylyistä terassille jäähylle :)


Arriving to Korpikorsu, where you can hear few words about the history of Korsu. As told above returning back to Korpikorsu, where we have some supper. The menu contains Mooose soup with fresh traditional rye bread from Kainuu.
The entire program takes around four hours. Group Max 12 persons. Possible at any time of the year.


The canoe column is an exotic journey with canoes to totally unpopulated lake in backwoods, where everyone can feel the nature with it’s rough and beauty.

Arriving to Korpikorsu, where you get toasts for welcome, and little presentation of Korsu. and few things how it all started. Then the journey to unpopulated lake can start.. We paddle accross the small Pirneslampi . Then we carry canoes over the beautiful sandy bank to the lake. Then we continue by paddleing to a beautiful place to set a fire and cook some coffee and fry some sausages.

When we get back from the lake there is waiting a steam sauna, which has 2000kg stone in a stove, that guarantees wonderful steam even for a bigger group. After sauna we have delicious game dinner with all delicaties with genuine Finnish music by accordion. After dinner leaving towards home.

Duration for this program is around 6 hours. Groups minum 6 persons, max 30 persons. Time of the year when possible from May to October.

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