The canoe column is an exotic journey with canoes to totally unpopulated lake in backwoods, where everyone can feel the nature with it’s rough and beauty.

Arriving to Korpikorsu, where you get toasts for welcome, and little presentation of Korsu. and few things how it all started. Then the journey to unpopulated lake can start.. We paddle accross the small Pirneslampi . Then we carry canoes over the beautiful sandy bank to the lake. Then we continue by paddleing to a beautiful place to set a fire and cook some coffee and fry some sausages.

When we get back from the lake there is waiting a steam sauna, which has 2000kg stone in a stove, that guarantees wonderful steam even for a bigger group. After sauna we have delicious game dinner with all delicaties with genuine Finnish music by accordion. After dinner leaving towards home.

Duration for this program is around 6 hours. Groups minum 6 persons, max 30 persons. Time of the year when possible from May to October.

Contact info

Erämatkailu Korpikorsu Ky

Korsutie 10

74390 Laakajärvi

Phone 0500 571 044

Jarkko Kotilainen

jarkko (at)